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A poem visual written by 13 year old, Xai Finley.  This is a message told from this young lady’s perspective. She has been taught to appreciate her skin tone no matter what and pass the wisdom to her friends at a time when skin tone and gender can actually be an offense.


MELANIN from kiki Finley on Vimeo.

Girls On Drugs
 Mya becomes intrigued and hops into the car to an unforgettable moment that will either change her life for the better or for the worse.

Girls On Drugs Trailer from kiki Finley on Vimeo.

"Landed Long" ABFF Independent

A little black girl realizes there’s a generational curse of racism she was born in to just to discover the reason she can not pursue her dream of becoming a tennis star is herself.


Landed LONG Short Film from kiki Finley on Vimeo.


Currently in Pre-Production
"Street Star"
 Written & Directed by kiki Finley